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Our children’s artwork is a reflection of time, effort, and pride in their efforts.  But how do we use it, well…artfully? Oftentimes, we are overcome with emotion at the site of a family portrait drawn by our 8-year-old, regardless of how different it may seem from reality.  Our little Picassos are our pride and joy, […]

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Getting pregnant is not always an easy task. Many women turn this goal into an obsession, which makes their pregnancy difficult. Some become desperate by going to clinics where they practice fertility treatments, while others prefer to try some home methods and remedies to get pregnant.

Overcoming Shyness in Children
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Shyness in childhood occurs to a greater or lesser degree in most children, but for some of them it can be an overwhelming social barrier.

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When can I start giving my baby ‘real’ food?

b13923790 Pixabay Coordination Activities
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Games are basic in the development of boys and girls, learn some activities to do with your children.