Tips and Guidelines to a Healthy Pregnancy

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Getting pregnant is not always an easy task. Many women turn this goal into an obsession, which makes their pregnancy difficult. Some become desperate by going to clinics where they practice fertility treatments, while others prefer to try some home methods and remedies to get pregnant. Getting pregnant depends on many things. Here are some tips and guidelines to a healthy pregnancy.  These are recommendations that you can follow both at home and at the doctor’s office if you want to have a baby.


Tricks to getting pregnant

Fertility is a couple’s issue when thinking about pregnancy, affecting both partners equally. Healthy lifestyle habits, eating a healthy and balanced diet, reducing stress, and regular activity based on sexual relations around fertile days can help achieve the desired pregnancy.


  1. Symptothermal Method

It consists of identifying the fertile and infertile days of the menstrual cycle from the observation of basal body temperature and the sensations that accompany it to get pregnant. Choose a thermometer and start taking your temperature, anal or vaginal, from the moment you finish your period until the next menstruation. You should do it every morning at the same time, before getting out of bed.

It is advisable to make a graph and record the temperature every day to achieve pregnancy. This way you will know that you have ovulated when, after several recorded temperatures, a rise of at least 2 tenths above six previous entries appears, and this rise is maintained for three days in a row. If you add two days before the first and two days after the last, these will be the days of your maximum fertility, the days in which you can get pregnant if you have sexual intercourse.


  1. Mucus

Cervical mucus is mucus expelled from the cervix or cervix, which varies in texture depending on the days of the cycle. It appears sticky in the days before and after ovulation, and liquid with crystals during ovulation. It can be observed at night, before going to bed. From its observation, you can get pregnant.


  1. Natural and home remedies

– Position after sexual intercourse. You should stay in bed for a while, face up, and with your legs elevated. Place a pillow or cushion under your buttocks and remain in this position for about half an hour. This way, you will allow the semen to remain in your uterus longer and the sperm to swim upwards toward the egg to fertilize it and become pregnant.


Healthy food. Eat foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and plenty of fruits and vegetables to achieve pregnancy. Some supplements, such as royal jelly, boost vitality and can help promote fertility. Calendula tea and evening primrose oil can also help regulate the menstrual cycle to get pregnant.

– Control your mind. Learn to relax, put aside anxiety, and try to forget about the obsession of pregnancy. Be patient, and keep away stress and anguish because they can block your chances of getting pregnant.

– Give up bad habits. Stop smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. Try to lead a vice-free and healthy life if you are thinking about pregnancy.


Fertility in Men

Fertilization is not just for women. The quality of your partner’s sperm is essential to achieving pregnancy. To be a father, a man must have a count of 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen, in which at least half of the sperm have correct movement and 30 percent have normal shapes, according to the latest parameters approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Stress, fatigue, and tension can also alter sperm production. It is advisable to eat healthy and include in the diet a large amount of nutrients with high antioxidants such as red fruits and vitamins C and E. In addition, abandon high alcohol consumption, tobacco, and drugs, as well as bad eating habits. All of the previously mentioned no-nos negatively affect fertility, reducing not only the quantity of sperm but also their quality. The couple who wants to get pregnant must take care of their health, and not forget that the main function of sex is not reproduction, but pleasure.

If no pregnancy results after a year, the next step is to go to a preconception consultation. Subsequently, this consultation should help analyze the reasons and find solutions resulting in the desired pregnancy. There are many paths within the field of assisted reproduction, equally valid, to becoming parents.  Don’t give up!

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