Coordination Activities to Do at Home with your Child

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Activities for parents and children to do together. Games are basic in the development of boys and girls, and this goes for one-month-old babies up to 13-year-olds. The activities, both guided and free, help the little ones in the house to have fun, let their imagination fly, grow and develop both physically and mentally. Below are a few ideas for home games with which to improve children’s reflexes and coordination. They are also great for strengthening joints both inside the house as well as outdoors.

The wheelbarrow

Do you remember how they played wheelbarrow?  This is another one of the multiple activities for parents and children to do together. One gets on the ground and another takes him by the legs so he can walk using his arms. The one who is standing works on strength and coordination and the one who is on the ground improves the joints of the arms and reflexes. Your children won’t be able to stop laughing!

Follow The Leader

Here the idea is to quickly imitate whoever is the ‘leader’ at that moment. If you decide to walk around the house, stand on a chair, or start crawling, others will have to use all their ingenuity and reflexes to do the same.

Musical Chairs

For sure you know how to play musical chairs!. A few chairs are placed in a circle, the music is turned on and, when it turns off, everyone must sit down, well, those who can because each time we will remove a chair. Let’s see who is the fastest!

Stand on one leg

What better game to do at home to strengthen our joints and balance? Well, something as simple as standing on one leg. To make it more interesting for children, propose it as a challenge, and see who can last the longest! A little trick to keep your balance better: look at the same thing in front of you all the time.


For some reason as we get older, cartwheels become much more difficult to do. However, it comes naturally to children and all of them can do cartwheels to some degree. Cartwheels also happens to be another fun activity where children can work on motor coordination and strengthen their joints.

Walk on a line marked on the ground

Let’s see how adults and children handle balance and reflexes. Mark a thin line on the floor of the house and try to walk on it without falling to the side or holding on to anything. This is an activity that you can also do outside the home.

Crawling Races

And for babies who haven’t learned to walk yet… a fun crawling race at home! Perfect for improving gross motor skills.

Hand – foot/Twister for parents and children to do together

This game requires a bit of work but is well worth it. The silhouettes of the hands and feet must be drawn on cardboard and then placed on the ground. Then children must place their hands and feet on the silhouettes, often getting themselves tangled up in knots! If you have Twister at home, then you can use your Twister game set to achieve the same motor, and coordination skills without the prep time!
Obstacle race
A whole obstacle course in the park or the garden with friends can be a great way to play while strengthening muscles and working on coordination almost without realizing it. Get creative and use what you have. Swing sets, tires, crawling, climbing… anything goes.

Jump rope

Did you know that a game as old as jumping rope also serves to strengthen joints and improve motor coordination? Well yes, and boys and girls of all ages tend to like it.

There are so many options including biking, hiking, and nature walks, but the important thing is to keep your child moving— and to enjoy moving and exercising with them!

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