Our Children’s Artwork: How To Use it “Artfully”

Child Painting Image: Irina Petrova- iStock

Our children’s artwork is a reflection of time, effort, and pride in their efforts.  But how do we use it, well…artfully? Oftentimes, we are overcome with emotion at the site of a family portrait drawn by our 8-year-old, regardless of how different it may seem from reality.  Our little Picassos are our pride and joy, and more so, they will be asking what you did with their project when you least expect it.

So how do we avoid cluttering up our home with these divine tidbits of our child’s efforts? Worse yet, if you tend to be a bit of a collector, where do you draw the line?  Below are a few creative ideas for repurposing your kids’ art:

  1. Create a Collage or Mural:

    Gather various pieces of your kids’ artwork and arrange them into a collage or mural. You can choose a theme or let it be a random mix of their creations. Then, frame the collage or stick it directly on a wall in a designated art corner, creating a vibrant and personalized display.

  2. Make Personalized Stationery:

    Scan or take high-quality photos of the individual artworks and use them to create personalized stationery. You can print the images on cards, notepads, or even create custom wrapping paper. This way, you not only preserve the artwork but also give it a practical purpose.

  3. Turn Art into Fabric:

    Select a few favorite pieces of your kids’ art and have them printed on fabric. You can use this fabric to create unique items like throw pillows, tote bags, or even quilts. This way, the art becomes a functional and decorative part of your home.

  4. Digitize and Create a Digital Album:

    Scan or take pictures of the artwork and compile them into a digital album. Thus, you can create a slideshow or an online gallery that can be easily shared with friends and family. This not only reduces physical clutter but also allows you to preserve the memories in a modern and accessible format.

  5. Transform Art into Keepsake Books:

    Choose the most special or representative pieces of your kids’ art and compile them into a keepsake book. Alternately, there are online services that allow you to create custom photo books; simply scan or take pictures of the artwork, arrange them in the book, and order a printed copy. This way, you can have a compact and organized collection of their creations.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between preserving the sentimental value of the artwork and managing the physical clutter. These ideas can help you cherish the memories while creating useful and aesthetically pleasing items.

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