Classic Wardrobe Musts that Never Go Out of Style

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How To Build a Classic Wardrobe that Never Goes Out of Style.

To build a wardrobe that lasts for years and years, you need to choose timeless clothes with an extra touch of style. Buying trendy pieces is always good and so tempting, but for our wardrobe to be truly versatile, we need various basic garments to make infinite combinations between them. Building our capsule wardrobe provides us with a double benefit: the first is that it will not take us long to choose our looks in the morning because most of the clothes will match each other; and second, we will get rid of the dreaded feeling that we have nothing to wear when we look in our closet.

To ensure that our clothes are wardrobe staples, we have to take several things into account:

So…What are the Classic Wardrobe Pieces for a Woman?

Classic garments are those that never go out of style and that transcend trends, so we can wear them season after season. Among these wardrobe basics are: classic jeans, blazers, trench coats, men’s shirts, tweed jackets, suits, and of course, the little black dress…

Here are our Top 10 picks!

Classic White Oversized Boyfriend Shirt

Victoria Beckham said that “when in doubt, everything looks good with a white shirt,” and she was right. So that it doesn’t look boring, combine it with a statement necklace, undo a button, or knot it on the bottom.

Classic Tweed Jacket

Coco Chanel designed the classic short tweed in the 50s, yet it is timeless. As a fashion icon, you can trust what she has to say! What makes it great is you can dress it up with a skirt or play it down with jeans or cargo pants.

Classic Trench Coat

Burberry made its classic beige version popular more than 140 years ago. Today it coexists with a multitude of versions in leather, denim, or vinyl, and with solids, prints or bright colors.

Biker Jacket

Another basic outerwear item that never goes out of style is the biker jacket. You can wear it both in winter and in the middle of the season and it comes in many colors and styles. Metal accessories on your jacket? Why not? Or if you prefer, just keep it simple and black.

Classic Overshirt

An overshirt is another elegant and versatile garment that should be included among your essentials. You can use it both closed and open as a jacket; alone or over a cami, crew or vee neck shirt.

Tailored Jacket and Pants Suit

This is not just business only! These versatile pieces can be used together or separately depending on the occasion. Whether with jeans and sneakers or together with stilettos, you can wear this to a girl’s luncheon.  Another option is together with some good heels and a clutch, you can wear it to a wedding.

Classic V-Neck Sweater

These time-tested sweaters can come in cotton, wool, or indulge yourself and get yourself a cashmere sweater. However you look at it, they are guaranteed to never go out of style. Otherwise, if you want to make it more versatile, combine it with a colorful necklace. Furthermore, you could add a belt or add a scarf tied around your neck. If you go for a print, plain solid pants or a skirt will highlight the design.

Classic Cardigan

It is important to have multiple cardigans in multiple colors. These pieces can be used open, closed, alone or layered. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, slacks, or over a dress. Honestly, any cardigan, in any color is a staple that can be used over and over and never gets old.

Blue Jeans

Levi Strauss invented them in 1872 as a work uniform and in the 50s they were a sign of the the fight against the establishment. Today a pair of classic straight jeans are an essential in any wardrobe and can be dressed up or down with T-shirts or blazers. Once you have your basic pair, make sure to have fun and buy more trendy pairs to add to your collection!

Little Black Dress

Black was reserved for mourning until Coco Chanel created this dress and made it a symbol of elegance. Choose one a little below the knee and it will work for any occasion.

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